Limehouse – Hikes and Caves

Have you ever found a cool place to hike in your own neighbourhood and never realize it was there?!

Limehouse is a tiny town in the south-east Ontario region of Halton. It’s home to one of the coolest places to hike in the area, Limehouse Conservation Area.

Situated off what appears to be an abandoned road, is a tiny parking lot and a sign leading the way to the Bruce trails.

The popular area of the trails sits on top giant limestone boulders and rocky edge of a hill. Over the years, the limestone has cracked and made room for us hikers to crawl down and explore.


Someone even made a ladder to help people go down into the caves and tunnels.


Now some tunnels aren’t really underground, more like a deep open air crevice between the limestone.


This whole area is full of either tall trees, crooked trees, trees that have holes through them, and lots and lots of squirrels.


I think the best time of year for hikes is during the fall when you get to see all the leaves changing colour and get to crunch the leaves on your hike.


Since it’s in the middle of nowhere, it feels so serene and peaceful! You can hear the leaves fall, the squirrels running, and the birds chirping.

This place also has an old abandoned kilns, lots of trails, a river, an abandoned railroad and amazing views. Though this particular hike I went on, we only visited the caves, so I’ll have to go back to explore some more!


This place is also free to park and hike unlike a lot of other hiking areas! But, they say to hike at your own risk because of the cracks and slippery rocks. So be careful and have fun!

Check out my video on my time at Limehouse to see what this amazing place looks like. [Coming Thursday]



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