Gondola Ride through the Venetian Canals

The best way to visit Venice is by Gondola! 

There are only a handful of places in the world that you can see the city by tiny boat cruising the streets. Venice is the most famous of them, with its amazing architecture, picture perfect spots, delicious food and romantic gondola ride steered by gondoliers in stripped shirts and singing through the canals for all to hear.

This is one of my most favourite photos from Venice!! I took it on my trip here in 2011 with my family… Not the most romantic but so much fun!

185573_10150734653035324_6056361_n_1 copy

Its incredible the views you get to see while drifting through. The buildings are so colourful and bridges are just high enough for the gondoliers to duck on the way through.


I did question some of the things we saw but never asked. Like this little gate… Is this a gondola parking lot… A hidden passage..?


Sometimes it isn’t the most private of voyages, as you are passing some very busy streets and restaurants, and since everyone is fascinated with the gondolas, you’ll have all eyes on you (especially if your gondolier is singing or you have a violinist playing on board… It’s quite beautiful).

Gondola rides, depending on where abouts you try to get a ride from can start at a minimum of $25 per person for about a half hour- hour ride. Although it’s pricey, I think this is one thing on a trip to Venice you need to splurge on… Some may find it boring and a bit smelly, and some love the relaxation and scenery.


There was this piece of art that was created last year I believe that is now very famous along the canals. It is of Gods hands holding up the building, and are here for a limited time. I was lucky enough to see them in 2017. It was huge and I wonder how they made it, especially in the water.


Have you gone to Venice? If so, did you like it? I only spent 24 hours here on two occasions, though it’s not a place I’d run back to… Except one day for the Carnival.

Check out my video about my recent 24 hours in Venice!



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