Getting lost in the Streets of Venice

Get Lost.

Some people find that to be a scary thought. You don’t know where you are or anyone around. But, sometimes, this could make a huge adventure out of your trip! So long as you stay safe and don’t stray too far from the crowds.

Venice, the city of canals, the city of bridges, the city of amazing hidden gems tucked away in the tiny island streets.

I’ve been to Venice twice, first on a group tour and the second with a friend, and I’ll tell you, I didn’t see the same stuff twice (except the main square – Piazza San Marco). We decided to venture around the city through the little streets away from the crowds and discover the unknown. You can find the coolest things this way!

There were a few very cool columns among the colourful venetian buildings.


One of the coolest things was this spirally staircase filled with arches! I stood there in awe at how amazing it looked and wondered how someone designed this! I love old and beautiful architecture so, this was amazing!


Sometimes a museum may be on the list of places to visit, but, if it’s been closed for construction and you still swing by to see if it’s open, you may discover a hallway that leads you into a courtyard with lots of columns, looking like a little palace courtyard minus the flowers, and no one around.


While walking we also found a restaurant that was closed for the summer holiday, but the tables were still outside, and the vines still hung around the balcony.


Venice has so many bakeries that line the streets. This little one had bread with faces, smiling back at the passing travellers. Bringing an extra smile to your day.


The first time I had gone to Venice, there was a colourful air show creating the Italian flag.


We also found some churches which were cute, this one along the water. I must say, this were prettier on the outside than the inside.

Some of the best places are off the beaten path! Have you ever gotten lost in a new place and found some amazing gems?

Check out my video about my recent 24 hours in Venice!




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