Mississauga – Japanese Kariya Park

Have you ever seen an amazingly beautiful tiny fenced off park in the middle of a big city? Kariya Park, named after Mississauga’s sister city in Japan, is located down the street from one of the biggest malls in Canada, but barely anyone knows about it.

2 . in the city

This little park has a Japanese structure with a giant bell where they have a Japanese celebration every spring. It’s located right at the entrance with a giant pond on the park side that’s surrounded by trees and rocks, perfect for sitting and taking amazing photos!

1 japanese

This park is also home to so many ducks, geese and squirrels that are so cute… But beware of the Canadian geese… They will charge at you if you get in their way!

3 Animal

4 animal

Although it’s in the middle of the city, it is an amazingly peaceful and serene place. If the weather is right, it’s perfect to spend the afternoon siting on the rocks and do some sketching!

5 Drawing

There is a little bridge that crosses the pond that is very popular for engagement, prom and pregnancy photos… I’ve seen all of these when I go. But it’s also an amazing place for a casual selfie!


The rest of the park is covered with trees, plants and flowers, statues and even a little rock waterfall that the ducks play on. There are actually cherry blossom trees here, and if you’re lucky, you can see them bloom in the spring… Though I never seem to go at the right time!



Need something to do on a Saturday afternoon? Go check out a park in the city… It might be better then you ever expected!



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