Paris – Canada’s Prettiest Little Town

Canada’s Prettiest Little Town

Paris, Ontario

Do you ever have one plan in mind and doesn’t work out, so you keep driving and see somewhere amazing? That happened to me. I started off with a plan to go hiking at a waterfall in Hamilton, parking was so expensive and full, so we kept driving. That drive took us to Paris, Ontario, Canada’s prettiest little town.

This little town, located in Brant area, has an old little downtown, 1 street covered in pink flowers type feel. Lined with little coffee and chocolate cafes and shops, this little town is perfect for an afternoon stroll.

IMG_6738 2-2

Near the bottom of the street lies a white world war 1 monument, listing countries, dates and some writings. It’s a very peaceful little area.



The town is surrounded by the Grand River. With buildings lining the edge of the river, amazing view points by walking on the bridge and if you’re adventurous enough, you can go kayaking or paddleboarding on the river, though it is very shallow during time temperatures and has mini waterfalls.

IMG_6390 2_1


The town has a small church and some statues around you can check out during your walk. If you cross the river, you can also check out a park, public pool and riverside trails.


IMG_6787 2_1

I think this little town is named Canada’s prettiest little town due to the flower lines streets, little cafes, brick buildings and the peaceful river that flows around it. If you’re taking a Saturday afternoon drive, I recommend checking it out.

Check out my video from my afternoon in Paris!



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