Mykonos Town (aka Chora)

Chora. Old Mykonos. Mykonos Town.

Same town, 3 different names. The stunning picturesque seaside town filled with markets, windmills, churches and blue doored white buildings.

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This town was a short bus ride away from the hostel I stayed at, and it dropped us off right in the middle of a giant flea market. This little town is made up of little streets you get easily lost in and hundreds of little shops and restaurants. Making for a great place to stop for photos!

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Not only Mykonos, but Greece in general, is filled with tiny churches, some so small, only maybe 5 people can fit. Not all are open to the public, but if you find one that is, go inside because you’ll find some amazing paintings and serene atmosphere.

IMG_9137 blog

This town is also famously known for their windmills of Kato Mill. 4 tall standing windmills on the edge of the water. Beautiful to sit and gaze at them, watch the water ripple and the people walking along the Little Venice Pier.

21277674_1380109752084390_755769734_o 2 edit blog

Little Venice is a little area of the town right on the edge of the water giving restaurant diners a front row seat to gaze out over the water in serenity while they eat.

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This town is also famous for being a main port town in the middle of the bay. Between fishing boats and cruise ships, the port is filled with people and many many tourists from around the globe. What I found odd, is that people were swimming in the same area boats were parked and driving out. But I guess it’s a perfect spot to stay close to the ship while taking a dip in the sea.

IMG_9147 blog

Chora was such a cute little town to wander for the day exploring the little white streets, grabbing an ice cream, then chilling by the water watching the windmills from below.

21248110_1380109795417719_1844188087_o blog

Check out my video from my time in Mykonos!




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