How to Beach in Mykonos

Mykonos is quite well known to be the beach partiers dream and to have stunning beaches that are Instagram perfect.

I stayed at a beach hostel right on Paraga beach in between Psarou beach (more high class area) and Paradise beach (the party beach). All the beaches in this area are connected by Rocky Mountain/seaside cliff trails, which give spectacular views of the beaches, and islands.

Paraga Beach
Paraga Beach

I between Psarou and Paraga beaches are 2 other little beach areas not listed on a map, and appear to be more private beaches for the rental houses in the mountain behind the area, but one beach had a path of sand cleared out between the Rocky sea floor to be able to swim in which was really cool.

2. hidden beach

Something important to note is, beaches in this area have very small sand portions and they’re covered in beach chairs and umbrellas you can rent for €50 a day, which is an insanely hefty price, so you’ll need to find a rocky empty area you can put your towels down. Also, Paraga beach is a rocky beach not sand, so my recommendation is to bring water shoes, which I unfortunately didn’t do.

3. Parsou
Psarou Beach

The water at these beaches are ice cold even in August when it was over 40 degrees out. Since I’m super sensitive to the cold, it took me 30min to slowly walk in then spent only 15 minutes swimming before getting out cause I was freezing. But the water was crystal clear blue that you can see the bottom and the little fishies swimming around.

4. Paraga
Paraga Beach

There are also water sports you can partake in, but the are very expensive. A jet ski ride at Psarou beach cost €50 for a 15 minute ride. If it was less, I would have gone in a heartbeat! Instead, go on a hike and sit and watch the sunset over the sea.

5. Sunset

Want parties? Paradise beach is well known for the late night parties and drinks on the beach. Some bars have better music than others, but no matter which you go to, you’ll have a great time. I had quite an adventure getting to this beach at 11pm in the pitch black, using our phone flashlights and GoogleMaps to walk through the Rocky trails. It felt very dangerous but as long as you’re with someone and aware of your surroundings, you’ll be fine. Plus there are lots of drunk people walking around and singing to the music (which you can hear from the beach over).

6. Hostel Canopy
Paraga Beach

My own opinion of the Mykonos beaches, although it has beautiful beaches and we stayed at an amazing hostel, I got bored quickly. I love the beach, but too much beach gets me bored. I love to be out in the mountains hiking or the city exploring instead. But it was a great time here and I highly recommend it!! I’ll be posting about the old town in Mykonos next week so stay tuned!

Check out my video from my time in Mykonos!

Have you been to Mykonos? If so, what are you thoughts on it?




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