Frozen Waterfalls

Hamilton. The City of Waterfalls.

Hamilton, Ontario is the 5th largest city in Ontario and known for being situated in the middle of the Niagara escarpment which runs straight through Ontario. What many people don’t know, is that it is also the City of Waterfalls. Hamilton is home to over 100 waterfalls, ranging in height, water flow, and location, and my goal is to visit them all!

Although waterfalls look beautiful in summer, I wanted to see them half or fully frozen due to the WAY below freezing temperatures we’ve had this winter. So I went on a hike, a mission, to see as many waterfalls at once as I could.

Starting off at Princess falls, along the Lincoln Alexander highway, my favourite of the falls. The frozen falls, little pond and rushing water made for a beautiful photo! The peace of the water amongst the rush of the highway below the mountain was amazing! This trickles down to a Lower Princess Falls, only visible from the highway below, which was fully frozen. Making our way to the scenic lookout, you can see some of the open area of Hamilton, as the city is situated on the other side of the Mountain.

waterfal 1

Next up was Mountview falls, a stunning pebbley waterfall that looks like it’s in a garden. To walk over the runoff, they built a big metal bridge which is great for photoshoots.


Just past this, is the Lower Sanatorium falls. It was more of a small stream that was fully frozen. This was is the result of Upper Sanatorium falls, visible from the top of the mountain.

8 -upper sanatorium
Upper Sanatorium Falls
lower sanatorium
Lower Sanatorium Falls

This next area consisted of 4 waterfalls: the Lower and Upper Westcliffe and Cliffview Falls. The 2 lower falls (Lower WestCliff falls and Lower Cliffview falls), were fairly small and mostly frozen over.

lower westcliffe
Lower Westcliffe Falls
lower cliffview
Lower Cliffview Falls

To get a great view of the Cliffview falls, climb up the around 300 metal steps to the top of the mountain (or drive along scenic road that runs the top of the mountain), and go to the lookout point. You can watch the rush of the water flowing down the mountain and through the broken trees, snow and ice.

7 -cliffview

Want to see the WestCliff falls? It’s hidden by trees, but partially visibleΒ in the winter from the top of the mountain at the top of the metal staircase.

Now, as it is winter and everywhere was covered with ice, I didn’t venture out closer to the falls afraid I’d slip and fall, but I’m sure there are paths that can lead you straight to the bottom of the waterfalls to catch a bottoms-up view of the falls. I’ll be sure to do that this summer!

Check out my frozen waterfall winter hike vlog to see more of this hike and the views from the mountain!



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