London – Camden Market

Camden Market.

My favourite spot in London. A place filled with little shops, lots of food and crowds of people!

Coming out of the subway leaves you on the main streets of Camden Market. Walking around, we started our adventure by heading over to the huge food truck market located around the Camden Locks. The locks had a little canal filled with green algae covered water and a little boat.


Surrounding the canal was more food then you can imagine, and not typical food trucks either. There was so much variety between stone baked pizza and pastas, burritos, vegan burgers, falafels, fries, Greek salads, pitas and so much more! I’ve always been a little wary of eating from food trucks, but I decided to try the 90 second stone baked pizza, which to my surprise, was delicious and crispy! I knew I was heading to Italy in a week but really wanted it!


After our meal, we headed over to the shops. The market is so big that even the locals say they’ve never been through all of it. Part of the market is outside around the streets and cafes or the green lounging area and some is under ground in the old horse stables, which makes for such a cool rustic vibe!


You can explore this place for hours and not get bored because there are so many things to see, like leather shops, printmaking shops, typical souvenir shops and colourful hanging light shops!


With a group of friends or completely solo, this place is great to spend the day to shop your little heart out! A must do when stopping in London!

To find out about exploring London like a typical tourist, check out my previous blog post here:Β London: City Walk. I’ll be making a new post about my final thoughts on the city, must do spots and my best advice on exploring the city. (I’ll add the link next week when I post).

Until then, check out my London highlights video encompassing both days spent wandering the city!



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