London – City Walk

Exploring London.

A city on my bucket list for so many reasons: Big Ben, Abbey Road, Buckingham Palace, Camden Market, and most importantly… Harry Potter.

Now, I was only in London for 48 hours as a stop over to meet up with my friend for our European adventure so between sleep, food and airport time. I didn’t get to spend to much time wandering the city, but I made the most of it and tried to visit as many places as I could!

On my first day, we spent the afternoon riding the huge subway system and walked all around downtown London. We crossed the Westminster Bridge to get an amazing view of the Palace of Westminster and the river, posed with the red phone booths, listened to Big Ben chime (soon before it would stop for repairs) and watched the famous red double decker buses pass by. The only flaw in this part of the afternoon… we got to experience the infamous England rain!


We continued our self guided tour around the city by seeing the Horse Guards, walking through the St. James Park, grabbed a hot chocolate at a little cafe (in the Park) and watched the ducks splash in the water. The park was beautiful and I loved the fresh rainy air.


The end of the park brought you face first with her majesty’s Buckingham palace. After looking at the beautiful garden in front, we made our way to the gates to take a closer look. We squeezed through the crowd and saw the changing of the guards, sadly, no queen today.


We climbed the statues (with some help from strangers) at Trafalgar Square and National Gallery which was quite a view of London, listened to a choir practice at St. Martin-in-the-Fields church and thought it was a good time to go home, Until…

I remembered King’s Cross was a real station and we went! We were amazed to find a fully packed platform 9 3/4 souvenir shop and huge line ups to take pictures with the luggage cart against the wall. This was the closest I’ve been to the Harry Potter world and it was unreal!


To find out my 2nd day of exploring Camden Market (my favourite place in London) and my final thoughts on the city, check out my next blog post about Camden Market.

Until then, check out my London highlights video encompassing both days spent wandering the city!



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