Punta Cana

Caribbean Paradise.

Staying at an amazing all inclusive resort, I spent a week dipping the giant pool, eating all the food i can and getting very weird suntans.

This city, on the south east coast of the Dominican Republic, is full of beach side resorts surrounded by palmtrees. Staying at an all inclusive is the best way to relax, though for someone who needs to explore more than just a pool but not wanting to leave the resort, i got many opportunities. I enjoying the swim up bars and sipping delicious fruit punches (I think made with orange juice and lemonade with raspberry sauce) and laying on water lounge chairs watching the clouds go by.


The resort also happened to have a beautiful white gazebo, perfect sunrise photography!


Water sports are a must do when at the beach! I crossed kayaking on the Caribbean off my bucket list! It was such an amazing view of the sea and beach, and you can see the coral and seaweed through the crystal clear water, though I realized that it is quite an arm workout! Unfortunately, it was too windy the rest of the trip to try the windsurfing, but that’s an adventure for another time.


Beach activities are always an option by the ‘fun crew’. I played bingo, mini golf, horseshoe, water aerobics and they even offered Spanish lessons if you want to wake up early enough…too bad I’m a night owl. HOWEVER, being on the east coast means I made sure to wake up very early one day to get a chance to see the sunrise! Absolutely STUNNING!


Food is always in abundance, whether you go to a buffet or a fine dine, you’ll find a wide variety of delicious foods. They warn of food when you go to the Caribbean so make sure you do your research of the country and hotel your staying at. Key note! ALWAYS drink water from a bottle.


Nightly entertainment is a must see. I didn’t realize there had been a huge theatre on the resort until 3 days in. Once I found it, I had an amazing time watching people fall from a ceiling on a rope during circus night and saw many musical and dancing shows.

Resorts are the best way to relax, enjoy the sun, pig out on food and do some beach activities. However, I love the exploring aspect of travelling so personally prefer cities and mountains, but you always need some time to ay back and catch some rays!

Check out my short highlights video from my week in Punta Cana!



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