Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the city of stars!

As this was the last destination of my week long adventure, I was only able to spend one night in LA, with my flight leaving the next morning. With the minimal time I had, I just had to check out one of the most touristic spots of LA… HOLLYWOOD BLVD!


To get there, we drove down sunset Blvd… Which was a bit disappointing since it was night time and the taxi almost got in a car crash, but I got to drive down it nonetheless. We walked along and got to see the famous celebrity stars that line the street, go into the big lit up stores, and witness a Trump rally on the street (it was the night before the election). 

hpThe most exciting part was going over to TCL Chinese Theatre and seeing the hand and footprints of the celebrities and putting your own on top to take that one awesome picture! I got to see the Harry Potter cast and Michael Jackson’s prints which I was super excited about! 


Now I was never sure what i was expecting Hollywood Blvd to be like and left still feeling unsure on whether I liked it. Maybe it’s more exciting during the day when it’s bright out and hundreds of people line the streets. Either way it was a place I’ve always wanted to go and I did. I said goodbye to my new friends and headed home the next day. 

I need to go back to LA one day because there is so much more to go see like the beaches (which I only saw from the plane), the huge houses, celebrity spotting, Universal Studios, Disney, Rodeo Dr, and countless other things! You definitely need more than one night there. Peace out LA, can’t wait to come back! 


Check out my short highlights video from my whole trip (Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, Los Angeles)!



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