San Francisco

Cause we’re going to San Francisco!


My favourite city on the West Coast! From the famous landmarks to the lively night life, San Fran has it all!  We started off on a driving tour around the city and got to drive across the famous Golden Gate Bridge; one of my dreams come true!! Sadly I didn’t get the chance to walk across it, so that will be saved for next time!  

San Fran Bridge 1

One of the highlights of San Fran was the Sunset Catamaran Cruise. We got to go on a 2 hour cruise around the bay, Alcatraz, and under the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset, which was incredible and so relaxing! A must do there! (I’m so glad I don’t get sea sick because the waves were pretty big). 

San Fran Bridge 2

The piers here were amazing! There were around 40 but 39 (aka. Fisherman’s Wharf) was my favourite, full of restaurants (which had awesome fresh Fish & Chips [which are a must on the coast] and Butternut Squash Sour Dough Bread Bowls at Boudin), attractions, gift shops and seals. Yes, seals. Just chilling beside the boats on the piers honking away at each other, which is quite the sight to see! 

San Fran Pier

We decided to go on a night excursion and went to find the Mrs. Doubtfire house! To get here, we took the famous Street Car up the steep hill by standing and hanging off the edge feeling the wind in our faces! One of my bucket list items come true! This was amazing and the closest I’ll get to a roller coaster ride haha!

San Fran Cable Car

After getting to our stop and walking up more steep hills, we got to the house, which was just like the movie! It felt so nostalgic! After quoting lines from the movie, we signed our names on the tree out front, which was signed by fans in honour of the late Robin Williams.

San Fran Tree

San Fran House

I’ll definitely have to go back to San Francisco because there was so much more to do that I didn’t have the chance to do during this trip such as visiting Alcatraz, finding the Full House and That’s So Raven houses, going to Golden Gate Park and so much more! 

Check out my short highlights video from my whole trip (Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, Los Angeles)!




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