Las Vegas

Las Vegas. Sin City. The City of Lights. 

Where the night takes over and the party starts.

It’s incredible how Vegas looks from an airplane at night; just a street full of bright lights and big buildings in the middle of the dark covered nowhere. Vegas… the place where even the airport has a casino! 

People have told me that there is not much to do during the day in Vegas, but boy were they wrong. The day is the perfect time to go exploring the strip! I went in and out of hotels, casinos and stores just looking around at the amazing giant buildings it has to offer. Let me say that the Venetian hotel really does look like you’re in Venice and Caesars Palace looks like you went back in time to Athens, Greece. They and all the other hotels looked stunning. Do you want to travel around the world but are on a budget? Go to Vegas where many world landmarks are located in smaller form (such as the Colosseum, Pyramids and the Eiffel Tower).

Las Vegas Eiffel Tower

My evening stop with my friends was to Fremont St, the Old Vegas Strip; a place not many people have heard of, but where casinos, wedding chapels, restaurants and street performers are located on a heavily lite up street. It’s where you can see the iconic cowboy sign from the movies (where the arm moves up and down). I’ve never seen so many lights in such a small area, it was incredible and so lively! 

Contiki - Las Vegas - Fremont

I must say, the best way to get around Vegas is in a limo. In the one day we spent here, we took 4 limo rides and it was the most amazing experience you can get! Depending on the amount of people you’re with, it is cheaper than taxis… and a whole lot more fun, especially if you can set your own music and adjust the colourful lights!

As our only free night in Vegas, before we depart for the next destination, we headed over to Omnia night club at Caesars Palace where the Chainsmokers were Doing that night. Clubbing isn’t really my thing if there is just techno music you can’t sing to, but it was still a lot of fun when you’re with friends! Next thing you know, it’s 3am, we walk back to the hotel and there are still people everywhere. There aren’t many places where you can see crowded streets at 3am. 

Caesar's Palace

Although I didn’t get to finish exploring all of Vegas, in one day, I think I did pretty good. For a future note, you need to at least 4 days in Vegas, to explore, eat lots of food, see a show and spend a day at the Grand Canyon, all of which I missed due to time constraints. All in all, it was one amazing day! 

Check out my short highlights video from my whole trip (Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, Los Angeles)! 

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! 😜




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