Hello Beautiful World

My name is Cristina!

I’m from Toronto, Canada and this is my little online diary of my travelling adventures! My dream is to travel the world, taking it one city at a time. I love to travel because this is the best way to grow, experience new cultures, meet new people and try new food. It’s a way to learn a new language and try new activities. It’s one thing to see pictures online and a whole other thing to experience it in person. I’ve always had these words in my head ‘Dream, Explore, Enjoy’, which helps to realize that your dreams are a possibility: Dream an Adventure, Explore the World, Enjoy every Moment.

As of writing this (October 2017), I have been to 9 countries: Canada, USA, Dominican Republic, England, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Vatican and San Marino. My most favourite places I’ve been to so far that I’d go back to in a heartbeat are Montreal (Canada), San Francisco (USA), Rome (Italy) and Dublin (Ireland). Having said that, I also adore Yosemite (USA), Milano (Italy) and Santorini (Greece).

I used to have a mini travel blog that I didn’t keep up with, so this is my new and improved blog! I will be reposting the few of my old blog posts from my adventures in California and Nevada. I will then be posting about the other cities I’ve visited. I have recently come back from 4.5 weeks of travelling in the DR and Europe and will be talking about that as it was an adventure of a lifetime! 

As I love to capture every moment, I have a travel Youtube channel CristinaZ where I’m posting videos from my travels and a CristinaZPhotography Etsy shop where I sell my travel photos.


P.S. The photo posted is a selfie from my hike up Vernal waterfall in Yosemite National Park in 2016!




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